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Incorporated in the year 2000, the Carewell Society has been a key pillar in the  Community  being a nonprofit foundation that provides support, education, and hope to less privileged within the society and their loved ones.

Carewell was envisioned by Senator Kennedy Mongare. His commitment to establishing Carewell was inspired by his experiences to see a better society.

The Carewell Society supports all those affected within the society. 

Carewell adheres to:

An empowered person makes for a better warrior and this is true not only for people affected by cancer but for anyone striving to rise above a challenge – be it physical, financial or otherwise.

An empowered person is not only one who knows how to “fight the battle’ but one who goes to battle with a chosen army. Support groups – friends and family – informal and formal groups, can be ‘comrades in arms’ if one shares the challenge with them. Carewell’s community and support group’s activities are designed and offered to provide those affected with cancer with encouragement and care.

Community & Facility

At Carewell,  we strive to enhance a better society through governance and representation and helping the less fortunate in the society

All of Carewell’s in-house services, resources, and activities are offered free of charge to its members.

Computer Donation

Resources and activities


All resources and services are geared towards creating a better society in governance and create a more positive and engaged in their fight for recovery.

Carewell’s in-house resources and services are provided to community members free of charge or paid upon as agreed. Our partner organizations and professionals may offer their services for free or at minimal cost. As needed, Carewell can help community members secure sponsor ships and donations in order to avail of fee-based partner services.

Carewell Society Chairman Kennedy Mongare, in a Community Library that the society built in Nyamira county

Library & Resource Center

Education is key to a better society and therefore to create and have a reliable, comprehensive, and current information within the society, CAREWELL helps the society through awareness and giving the society

Carewell carries print and audio-visual materials provided by our partners abroad, to help improve lives within the community through empowering the community through creation of Libraries and providing educational materials to schools


Awareness & Networking

Raising awareness and developing a network for collecting and to help the less fortunate by harnessing resources as s a vital part of our mission. Thus, Carewell has linkages with other community organizations.


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