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               OUR CONSULTANTS

Mong’are Kennedy Bwo’kong’o

Senator Mong’are Kennedy

Senator  Mongare Okong’o is the immediate former  Senator For Nyamira County.
He was the Second Chairman of the Senate public Accounts committee, Was a member of the Senate Education committee, a member of the then committee of broadcasting and Library.
He is also an advocate of the High court of Kenya founder partner at Mongare Bw’okongo & Associates, Advocates.
Mr. Mon’gare is also the Founder member of Forum for Children Rights in Kenya and Founder member of Carewell Society.
Senator Mongare is a holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree, political science and philosophy from Christian college,Devi Ahilya University, Indore, India.
 A Bachelor of Laws (  Hons) degree from the same University,  A postgraduate diploma from Kenya School of Law, Masters of Law degree ( International corporate and the Law) from the University of London.


Dr. Bonny Khalwale (On call basis)

Dr. Bonny Khalwale

Mr. Bonny  Khalwale has served as an Assistant Minister of of East African Community (20Customize06 → 2007 of Cabinet and Member of Parliament (2003 → 2007)  for Ikolomani and Immediate Senator for Kakamega County (2013- 2017)

Dr Khalwale has a wide experience on governance matters having served in various committee Memberships in Parliament both the Senate and the National Assembly.

HE has Served as the Chair for of Public Accounts Committee (2008 → 2012) and as a Member of Procedure and House Rules Committee – S.O. 191 (2008 → 2012

Member of Departmental Committee on Health (2008 → 2012) Member of House Business Committee (2008 → 2012) And PAC chairman in the Senate. 

Dr. Agnes Zani

Dr. Agnes Zani (Nominated Senator)

Dr Zani, is a Second term nominated senator,  representing Women and marginalized groups in the senate.

She has passionately worked in the following fields: Children’s development, addressing gender parities in education and child labour especially in Mombasa; Women, especially gender relations at work, family power structures,
empowerment and women’s education; Educational systems, particularly continuity and change in patterns of social inequalities over time with the aim of accomplishing more regionally balanced educational systems.

At the university, Dr. Agnes occasionally acted as the chairperson of her department and started the Ford Foundation International Fellowships Alumni Programme, which she has been chairing since.

As the chair of the Alumni for International Ford Foundation Programme, I have been involved in work in various areas that include building community capacity, conflict and peace resolution, good governance and development.I have also been a consultant and facilitated on team building and customer satisfaction.

Dr Zani holds a D. Phil (Sociology) University of Oxford (UK),  M.Sc (Sociology) University of Oxford (UK),  A Post Graduate Diploma (Human Resource Management ) from  Kenya Institute of Management, M.A (Sociology) University of Nairobi, B.A (Sociology) University of Nairobi (Upper Second Class Honours)

Dr Zani is a Part-time Lecturer in the Department of Sociology, University of Nairobi. Courses taught include Sociology of Education, Personnel Management, Advanced
Social Statistics among others.



Mr Billow Kerrow

Mr Kerrow is a former Mandera Central Member of Parliament and Immediate Senator for Mandera County. Before his election Kerrow was a Shadow Finance Minister between 2003 → 2007 Cabinet

He has a wide experience on governance having served as the Chair of Public Investments Committee – S.O. 188 (2003 → 2007) and a Member – Fiscal Analysis & Appropriations Committee (2003 → 2007 of Parliament) among other in various departmental committees both in the senate and the national assembly as a member. He is also the Managing Director of  Trojan International Limited, Partner of MGI Adam & Associates Partner, of Image Registrars Limited (Started 1993) and Member – Board of Directors of Jomo Kenyatta Foundation (2000 → 2003).

He also served as the Chairperson – Professional Ethics Committee and a the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) between 1996 → 1997 and an Audit Supervisor between 1989 → 1992 for  Price Water House Coopers


Senator Daisy Nyongesa Kanainza

Daisy Kanainza Nyongesa is an icon of the rural youth. She is a former Nominated Senator who represented the youth in the 11th Parliament of Kenya. Nominated at 24, she sat in 3 Senate Committees and sponsored Youth Representation Bill in Parliament.

Kanainza founded Husika Elimika Badilika Foundation that seeks to empower the youth and women in Western Kenya. She has a keen interest in mentorship and holds great conviction that youth have zeal and knowledge to lead and participate in governance.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy from Moi University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (Arts) from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology.

In the Senate Ms. Daisy was the Vice Chairperson  of the Senate Committee on Implementation (2013-2017)  and an Executive Member  of  the Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association (KYPA)  – 2013-2017

Halima Abdile Mohamud

Senator Halima Abdile Mohamud

Ms Halima is a former Nominated Senator (2013 –  2017) Swho represented the youth in the 11th Parliament of Kenya.

She has a wide experience in community empowerment on administrative issues having wworked with ALDEF-K as Education Project Officer  where she was advocating for girl child education through training and carrying out enrollment drives with the local leaders and stakeholders. And Arid land development focus ( ALDEF-K) as  Food Security and Livelihood Field Monitor.

She holds  a Bachelor of Education Science from  Kenyatta University and currently studying  Masters in Gender and Developmental Studies at The University of Nairobi

 In the Senate Ms Halima was the vice Chair of  the Senate Education, information and technology committee,  Member of the Labour and Social Welfare  committee.

She was also in the  Parliamentary Broadcasting and Library Committee.

Ms Halima was also the executive member of Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA) and member of Kenya Women Senators Association(KEWOSA) as well as a member of Kenya Young Parliamentarian Association (KYPA)  And a member of Kenya Parliamentary Human Rights Association (KEPHRA)

She has a wide experience in Governance and representation having Represented the country in various States and attended various workshops and seminars  concerning governance in different countries.



Ms. Emmaculate has Bachelors of Hotel and Hospitality Management

(Maasai Mara University), currently pursuing Master’s in Public Policy

and Administration At Kenyatta University)


Secretary County Liaison Affairs.



We have-

  • Decades of unparalleled innovative consulting services

  • Regional and international partnerships, linkages and collaborations, giving us a global face and exposure to international business trends.

  • Customized solutions anchored on best practices and innovation

  • A team of consultants with diverse industry expertise and professional experience

Our team of consultants represent a diversely experienced experts in local and global industry. They tailor their delivery to our client’s needs in consulting, training, based on customized projects and as per their need on governance issues and administration.

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